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Nori seaweed 25g TerraSana


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Nori (Porphyra) dry. 25g.

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  • The Nori (Porphyra umbilical) is small, with folds and has a reddish or blackish purple turns to dry and tends to green when cooked. For this purpose, sold in sheet form or sheet of paper obtained by crushing and pressing the Nori. Today it is grown or harvested in other countries such as Spain, France, China, etc..


    Preparation: Lightly toast smooth side of the blade in a flame until beginning to brown Nori

    Use: To wrap arros balls (sushi), crumbled or shredded as a companion or dressing.

    Ingredients: Seaweed Nori sea


    Nori Properties:

    Thanks to its content of provitamin A and remineralizing effect may be indicated for a healthy and growing hair and nails.
    The nori seaweed helps lower cholesterol by facilitating the removal of blood fats. It also helps eliminate heavy metals.

    Like all algae can prevent goiter and iodine deficiency problems.
    Its wealth of nutrients gives us a good amount of vitamins and minerals to be, therefore, highly recommended for convalescence, fatigue, growth ...
    Your contribution of vitamin B also make it suitable for skin problems and strengthen the nervous system.

    Nori nutritional information (per 100 g):

    24 to 35% protein.
    350 to 470 mg. of calcium.
    2 to 8 mg. of iodine.
    30 to 40 mg. Iron.
    3,200 mg. of potassium.
    80 to 90 mg. magnesium.
    U.I 10,000 beta-carotene (provitamin A)


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Nori seaweed 25g TerraSana

Nori seaweed 25g TerraSana

Nori (Porphyra) dry. 25g.

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