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Tooth gel for kids 50ml Weleda


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Infant tooth gel. 50ml Weleda

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  • The gel toothpaste for children has been developed
    especially for children, to care for your teeth naturally
    milk and maintain the natural balance of oral flora. Toothpaste
    is made with all natural ingredients that are completely
    insurance in case you accidentally swallow some. The variety of oils
    provides essential flavor and fragrance to love most
    the children. The bright orange color of the carotenoids of the marigold,
    makes brushing teeth fun.

    How it works: The Gel cleaner agent
    toothpaste for children is silica. This mineral teeth clean
    gently but thoroughly milk without affecting the enamel. Marigold extract
    maintains healthy gums. Not contain fluoride, as they can get
    sufficient quantities through food. If the use of fluoride is necessary
    in specific cases, it is best to consult a specialist. Brushing with
    Gel toothpaste removes plaque and protects teeth against cavities

    Instructions: If your child is still
    very young, still not be able to rinse the mouth. However, it is important
    start brushing teeth as soon as you get the first.
    When the child is three or four years, you can do it alone. It is not necessary
    to a "strip" long toothpaste on the brush, it is only necessary
    an amount the size of a pea. No matter how much gel swallow the child, not
    has no side effects due to its natural composition.

    Especially indicated for children from
    day they first tooth comes to daily brushing.

    ◦ Calendula Extract: Prevents inflammation and helps maintain healthy
    mucous membranes.
    ◦ alginate (from seaweed) is used as a thickening agent
    ◦ Water: used as diluent
    ◦ Glycerin: prepared from vegetable oils, provides the
    brightness and consistent product
    ◦ Silica: from quartz, cleans teeth gently but
    ◦ aesculin: from the horse chestnut, has an astringent effect and
    invigorating the gums and anticaries properties

    The combination of natural essential oils, including
    essential oils of peppermint and fennel adds fragrance and has a
    a preservative.


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Tooth gel for kids 50ml Weleda

Tooth gel for kids 50ml Weleda

Infant tooth gel. 50ml Weleda

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