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Kuzu Bio 100g Mitoku


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Kuzu from organic farming.

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  • The kuzu or kudzu starch is the Pueraria and has properties as diverse as improving diarrhea or help stop the snuff even alcohol.
    The Kudzu is used for medicinal and beverage in the kitchen.
    It grows especially in the forests of China, Japan, India and the U.S. South
    Their roots are harvested in winter and the starch is separated from the rest of the plant. It is a white earthy powder which, protected from moisture, keeps for years.

    This plant is already being studied and applied by the Traditional Medicine China, some 2,500 years ago, due to its multiple applications:

    Traditionally it has been used for addictions to both alcohol and snuff.
    The Kudzu Kuzu or tends to regulate bowel function in constipation therefore still valid and in case of diarrhea, abdominal cramps, sluggish bowels, and so on. Whilst promoting a good level of intestinal flora.
    Many people feel great relief, to take in cases of gastroenteritis or when your stomach does not tolerate any liquid or solid.
    Its fiber content makes it easier to absorb less fat and sugar.
    The Kudzu Kuzu or tends to reduce fever and flu-like states, while soothing the pain caused by those of the flu (headache, backache, etc.).
    It may also be of great help in case of respiratory problems like bronchitis, colds, cough, etc..
    Relieves chronic fatigue and enhances our energy level as it tends to alkalize the body.
    The Kudzu Kuzu or in the kitchen is ideal for sauces, purees, soups, replacing flour and starches.
    How to use:

    Dilute a teaspoon cold, the dessert, in half a glass of water (or slightly more) then you put it all simmer for a couple of minutes until we have a kind of transparent cream. Take warm and we can take two or three cups a day.

    Although it has no taste like children more prepared with apple juice instead of water. The truth is that in case of diarrhea or cough works very well prepared with apple juice. Left with a taste candies.
    When digestive upset (heartburn, heaviness, constipation, or fatigue) usually works better prepared with water, in which we will have added from the start (cold) Umeboshi half large (fermented plum) or a small teaspoon (of the small) Tamari. Its flavor is very strong (between acid and a little salty) but the truth is you feel great.
    Another formula is to do the same (kuzu, umeboshi and tamari) but instead of water use tea Kukicha Three years, which will increase the alkalizing effect.


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Kuzu Bio 100g Mitoku

Kuzu Bio 100g Mitoku

Kuzu from organic farming.

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